Monday, April 9, 2007

alaska in london

these layouts from BALTO were created in 1993
by bolhem bochiba. he was the best and fastest
layout artist in our team, once in a while he did
4 of those layouts a day.
later he apparently got bored to produce all that
beautiful layout artwork all the time and started to
animate, in the paris DISNEY studio on TARZAN.
again he reached the same quality level and
animated in glen keane's team.

the gold-dredge played a much bigger part in
the earlier story versions of BALTO. in the final
film only a little bit is left. it was a very interesting
location designwise because a lot of oldfashioned
machinery had to be invented. we only found little
reference of actual gold-dredges in alaska.
so I went on a reference trip through some very
old machine repair shops in chiswick/london
and a waterpump station from the 1900s in
the same area. amazing machinery, very detailed
in design. I documented most of it on video, will
check where it is and post some images.
following are some of my color designs of
the gold-dredge...

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